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                Catalina 22  Fleet 10                                                                     Annual Cruise

National Cruise 2020



Sat, Jun 20,        (Marina stop) Gather at Point Lookout  in Smith Creek on

                            the Potomac River


Sun, Jun 21,       Anchorage) Anchor in Mill Creek (Approx. 27nm on the

                            south side of the Great Wicomico and across from Reedville .


Mon, Jun 22,&    (Marina stop) Onancock, Md.(Approx. 27nm) - Stay at the docks

Tues, Jun 23       or anchor out. If you'd still like to get over to Tangier you can

                           either take the ferry over for the day from Onancock ($20.00/round

                           trip  in 2019) or enjoy an extra day to explore Onancock.


Wed,  Jun 24,     (Marina stop) Chrisfield, Md. Stay at Somers Cove Marina.

                            (Approx. 20nm) A nice marina owned by the state of Md.

                            They have a pool onsite and several local restaurants nearby for us to



Thurs, Jun 25     Anchorage) Coan River, (Virginia)  (Approx. 35nm)


Fri, Jun 26          (Anchorage) St. Mary's College on the St. Mary's River.

                           (Approx 14.31      nm) We can enjoy the evening concert the

                            "River Concert Series" performed by the Chesapeake Orchestra

                            each Friday evening during the summer. You can either dingy

                           ashore and secure a spot on the lawn for the concert or maybe

                           stay on your boat and listen from the comfort of your cockpit as

                           we enjoy the evening. This event will mark the official end of the

                           cruise for 2020.