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                Catalina 22  Fleet 10                                                                     Annual Cruise

National Cruise 2019



Sat, Jun 22,        Shipwright Harbor Marina (Deale, MD)


Sun, Jun 23,       to Wye Island (anchor around Drum Point)                    25NM


Mon, Jun 24,      to Knapps Narrows Marina on Tilghman Island              18NM


Tues, Jun 25,     0900-1300: tour Poplar Island (24 person limit)    

                           Then to Leadenham Creek off Broad Creek                    9NM


Wed,  Jun 26,     to Cambridge Municipal Marina                                     17NM


Thurs, Jun 27     to Oxford Marina and Boatyard                                      12NM


Fri, Jun 28          San Domingo Creek (St Michaels back door)                13NM


Sat & Sun  Jun 29-30   Optional continuation to Little Choptank River     23NM


For those inclined to extend the cruise a little, we could make a stop in either

Harris Creek (20NM) or Fishing Creek (21-22NM) in the Little Choptank R.

on Saturday & maybe Sunday, 29-30 Jun.  There are a couple interesting sights

to see in the Little Choptank.  Old Trinity Church and Cemetery (http://oldtrinity.net/)

is a historic site near the head of Church Creek and Fishing Creek.  At the head

of the Little Choptank and Gary Creek is another historic landmark, the

Spocott Windmill .  Either or both could be visited

(by dingy) Saturday/Sunday.